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October 2020 / Category: Travel & Events

When people say: "Oh listen Karen, I looove travelling. This is just so me!" it is like people thinking they are an individual when they like sunshine, pasta or happiness. So I am pretty certain that we are all most likely on one page if we aggree on nearly everyone loving vacation trips. Including me. Obviously. 
So it might not come as a big surprise when I tell you about my utter excitement when The Thinking Traveller, the one and only rental company for exclusive luxury villa holidays, and I decided to plan an unforgettable journey together. The first real challenge was to decide which destination to pick. I know guys, this was a tough one since the Mediterranean regions of Sicily, Puglia and the Minor Italian islands in Italy, the Ionian and Sporades islands in Greece and Corsica in France were on the list. And boy: don't they all sound absolutely delicious! Yes, this eventually could have been the only challenge here but obviously it wasn't (don't be rediculous guys). You will see for yourself once you scrolled through the offer of the Think exquisit luxury villas. It seems impossible to discribe if you don't check it out for yourself. All you can spot are properties of pure beauty, showing infinity pools, see views, modernism meeting authentic, local romance and the most breathtaking landscapes. 

But The Thinking Traveller won't be The Thinking Traveller if they don't assist you with excellent service and support throughout the whole experience. Hence we agreed on going to Puglia for a very special and extravagant property: Il Tabacchificio. A breathtakingly refurbished icon of 1930s industrial design, an ex-tobacco factory that has been adoringly transformed into awe-inspiring home.

Once me and my boyfriend arrived at the property there was a big jaw drop happening. I will be honest. The long gateway, romantically embraced by pine trees and their shadow play, led to the impressive building whose terracotta / pink-ish colour gave the scenery a very dreamy character. It might have happened that I turned a pirouette on the gravel walk. But you will never know for sure (okay I definitely did.).

I think it is the easiest to summarize that Il Tabacchificio is a 360° stunner! Inside and outside. The building, very much pleasing my architectual eye with its sharp lines and minimalistic shapes, causing beautiful shadows on the white cement, combined with a wonderful modern take on furniture and design classics. There was nothing that you could have possibly been missing out on. Big, light-flooded rooms, high ceilings (giving my alto the perfect mask of professionalism), free-standing bath tubs, sereval sitting areas, a home cinema, a huge garden with a seperate dining area (including a brilliant pizza oven), a long pool and last but not least a rehashed tennis court. Pretty sure I can hit Wimbledon next year now. So everyone: if you should be looking for the perfect destination for your next holiday, ideally with up to 12 people, this is your place!

Thank you The Thinking Traveller for letting me experience this treasure of Puglia and for being able to take my personal drive on this. It was a pleasure! And thank you for ruining every other upcoming holiday as this standard is quite hard to hit. 😉

In cooperation with The Thinking Traveller.


Pictures & Edit by
Lena Lademann