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Prada Invites

April 2019 / Category: Fashion

PRADA Invites - Spring/Summer 2019

For Spring/Summer 2019, Prada has invited a series of globally influential female creatives to collaborate, to devise items for womencrafted from Prada’s emblematic nylon fabric. A trio of leading female architects - Cini Boeri, Elizabeth Diller and Kazuyo Sejima - have designed unique new pieces created from Pradanylon. Inspired by the qualities inherent in the fabric itself, and its place within Prada’s heritage, the items represent a new evolution of ’Prada Invites’, a series of collaborative projects with leading proponents ofdesign revolving around the universe of Prada nylon.

This second step further refines and develops that idea of creativeconversation. A varied group with distinct and individual designidentities, Cini Boeri, Diller and Sejima are united through theirexperiences as women - their reactions are profoundly different, but that catalyst remains the same, informing their work. Here, they areunified again, by reacting to the brief of creating an item of clothing oraccessory for women - other women, maybe themselves. The resultant work becomes an ideological dialogue, expressed through fashion; personal, honest and real.

Created by women, for women, this new chapter expounds and expands Prada’s ongoing fascination with multifaceted representations of contemporary femininity, as perceived by a multitude of femaleviewpoints. The more honored I am to have being asked to represent the new Prada Invites Series by Cini, Elizabeth and Kazuyo. Since being a big admirer of design, art and architecture myself the pleasure to personally interpretate the three different designs was even bigger. For me this project was about showing a very strong, minimalistic and graphic orientated mood, representing an urban woman of world, strength, fierce and creativity.

Pictures shot by Teresa Horstmann
Make Up by Jamal Musa

Pictures by
Teresa Horstmann