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La Prairie - the science of light and shadow

February 2020 / Category: Beauty


Light and shadow. A phenomenon that has fascinated humans ever since. In cultures or religions.
It determines, perception and distance. It symbolizes good and bad. Hope and uncertainty. Security and danger. Depth and surface. At the same time light and shadows can highlight three dimensional elements from a two dimensional image. All in all it is certain to say that these two elements are very complex and omnipresent in our daily life and hold a certain fascination within. It followingly doesn't come with surprise when science also has a good look on the phenomenon itself and how it can contribute positively to research and health.

And this is exactly what high-end beauty brand La Prairie did with their new White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire. Together with YBPN, they let me try and interpret this piece of science. Your Beauty Professional Network is a bundle of beauty experts spread over 1.100 perfumeries in Germany, helping you to find your most beautiful self. Click here to find your closest YBPN perfumery to get some lovely support and advices if you should have any questions when it comes to beauty and wellbeing.

The new White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire  deals with how light defines the eye's architecture, such as the brows, the eye lid and eye lashes. This architecture is defined by the play of shadow and highlights as well as the contours and wrinkles. La Prairie now created a new eye creme that not only contains comprehensive care and moisture but helps the skin to reduce the shadows and contrasts around the eyes. Additionally, it minimizes redness and violet particles of the skin surface.

After all, we are all trying to improve our beauty radiance and although I am in firm believe that true beauty mainly comes from within yourself and your personality, a little help from the outside doesn't hurt, does it?

Pictures by Arya Shirazi
Make-Up by Melanie Krüger