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CHANEL Boutique Beauté

December 07, 2016 / Category: Beauty

There are at least three things a woman dreams of: shopping without looking at the price tag once, being able to draw two identical eyeliners and working together with one of the most impressive and prestigious brands: CHANEL
Unfortunately I can't confirm either of the first two, of cause not, but the happier I am to tell you that I teamed up with the brand itself to put together my favourite beauty looks. The Chanel team showed up at my home, because living in Hamburg they offer you the greatest over here: you can book a stylist to come by before parties, events, your wedding day, the day of your divorce (up to you) giving you a bomb ass make up. 
Beside the video we shot which I am very excited about to show you soon here is my first favourite look I chose: smokey eyes. I know you never heard of it before, it's a new one, you better write down the term, but the great stylist Anna chose the new autmn colours, gold, bordeaux and brown to do so. Count me in as a big fan of it and make it a permanent make up! Thank you for CHANEL for having me in with this and I am looking forward to showing you the next two looks soon...

Pics by Lee Maas