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The place of inner piece

March 15, 2017 / Category: Fashion, Travel&Events

Last week I had a moment of enlightenment when I was invited to Wertheim village in southern Germany to style my personal Athleisure look.
Against the kind of common prejudice of shopping villages being a little stuffy, associated with tones of tourism busses come and go, it is actually the best place for shopping ever. You suddenly feel calm and totally balanced while walking through Disney land or Hogwards for adults. Birds are singing for you, everyone is super polite, no disturbances on the planet existing. It honestly is the most relaxing way to shop amazing brands for basically nothing. Bally, Aigner, Dorothee Schumacher, Strenesse... really alot of great ones. So I was walking - sometimes also dancing... with the birds musically accompanying me - through the lane, getting together my personal athleisure look. 
I personally really love this great beneficial trend, being able to wear the most comfortable clothes and still looking stylish. Thanks for that. 
So here it is, my look which will be exhibited in Wertheim village the whole month. If you should be around, go there it is really worth it. 

Jacket: Lacoste   Pants&Bag: Bally   Shoes: Fred Perry   Jumper: Lacoste  

Pics by Goran Nitschke/Sabine Brauer