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Well hello there

November 25, 2016 / Category: Fashion

Beside this huge variety of today’s blogs popping up in the web I thought it would be totally necessary to line up and to come up with an other one. Exactly what the world needs right now. Another fashion slash lifestyle slash traveling slash basically-everything-that-bothers-me-within-annoyingly-lifestyle-embodied-pictures blog. So no biggie. Really guys - with pleasure.

Coming from a blog which I run with two friends of mine for three years it was now time to follow my own visions. To go your own way and to stay true to youself as well as your personal identification zone sometimes means deciding against others as well as their expectations of you or your function. The right way is never the easiest, of cause not, but in the end it will feel just right for you, as graceful as you are for the past and experiences you were able to have. Like I always say: “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Okay, wasn't actually me saying it but Coco Chanel. Whatever...

All righty, a lot of deep words going on over here - sorry this article shouldn’t sound like a cheesy monologue from a heart melting Nicholas Spark’s movie and cutting it down to short here it is: the start of my own story which will be a mix of minimalism, art, fashion, design and lifestyle impressions. Revolutionary I know but actually exactly the things that interest me. Besides chocolate ice cream.
And avocados. 
So if you are with me on that I would be very happy if you’d follow my journeys and long ass postings. Totally would be happy if you leave a comment. Or give me a like. Or share my YouTube channel. Just kidding. Don’t have any. 

Dress: Acne Studios
Boots: Mango
Make Up: Marisa Lou
Production: Maxi Zingel

Pics by Lee Maas