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VOGUE GERMANY - Being a Fashion Blogger VI

May 13, 2017 / Category: Fashion

Oh my! And there it already is: the last episode of Being A Fashion Blogger by Vogue Germany where it is all about prospecting the business' future and development.
It actually makes me a little sad that this adventure is over now as it really was one of my most fun, beautiful und exciting projects I had and I miss the amazing production crew already who put so much love, joy, entertainment and knownledge into these five episodes. 
I also wanne thank the acadamy for chosing me... oh wait not applicable here...

It really was always a wish of mine to have some sort of video format where I could bring in a little bit more personality and fun into this business as this lacks too many times in my point of view while not sacrificing quality and proficiency. So it really was a wonderful cooperation and hopefully not the last one... So please enjoy the last episode! xxx 

FYI: You can shop all my looks of this series on  Net-A-Porter now.