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December 14, 2016 / Category: Fashion

Yes. Definitely. For sure.
It always helps when you put on some sunnies to pimp up your look. It's easy as this. Why else would you see all those streetstyle pictures from events or fashion weeks with people wearing sunglasses allthough it rains and hails at the same time? But it's true. You can upgrade your outfit easily with a good pair of it or make the old and boring coat you have to wear EVERY single winter look somehow exciting again. Like a rebirth. Or something. My sunnies are from VIU - swiss design with innovative products even having a nice little shop in Hamburg. I really can recommend it should you be interested to know. Or not. 


Cardigan: House of Dagmar
Trousers: Rika
Coat: H&M Studio Collection
Sunglasses: VIU