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In times like these...

July 08, 2017 / Category: Design

Just on my way back home from travelling while watching all those shocking news from my home town Hamburg where they currently hold the G20 meeting. From what we can see this normally beautiful and calm city looks like a war zone. Literally burning cars and bins on the streets, empty distroyed shops that got robbed by autonomous dick heads who think pure violence is an effective way of showing the governments how angry they are. I mean protests and resistance are two essential elements in society and allthough I am not a big fan of the summit neither those stupid rioter that only distroy things for sensational reasons and who often fight without any honest conviction but due to the love to violence are pissing me off. You scare the shit out of people and your stupid behaviour at the expense of innocent people who might be as annoyed of the political situation like you but who don't see the urge of throwing stones into windows. 
And as if this would change a thing in between the dark crazyness of world politics. As if the politicians would then all of a sudden step away from wars or big money deals that we perceive as wrong. As if the politicians say "Oh, yeah Rolf. You are actually right with burning the car. Now I see what you mean. We have been wrong all the time. Sorry Rolf. Our bad. Let's change our whole political concept."
As if.