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The super coat

February 08, 2017 / Category: Fashion

When you find the perfect oversized coat, bringing this massive nonchalance with it, it is propably from Vetements or like this beauty Balenciaga. I mean sure, you are kind of able to camp underneath it when you should be lost in the woods - possible chances of that - or using it as a blanket. But wearing alot of fluttering fabric is the key in today's times. It's simmelar when it comes to eating Guacamole: more is more. So enjoy my so to speak fashion counterpart of an avocado dip. 

Jacket: Balenciaga     Jumper: Samsoe&Samsoe     Striped top: Zara     Trousers: By Malene Birger
Bag: Marc Jacobs via Net-A-Porter

Pics by Torne Velk