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The glow of natural beauty

October 2019 / Category: Beauty


Beauty. A term we are surrounded by constantly. But what does it really mean? Catching the eyes of strangers passing by? Going to the gym daily? Following a certain trend since glossy magazines tell us to? We can be certain that this is a question that should be answered indivually, depending on personal experiences, believes and cultures allthough the world of media and brands will always try to put a stamp of answers to it. Giving us directions and so called "must haves". Telling us what to do and what trends to follow. Selling us products and if you don't bye them... then ops, sorry Karen, then you missed the window and you might not be part of their allegory. And after all this followingly has a big affect on society's comprehension of the term beauty itself. What a shame.

So, if I am being asked what true beauty means to me I am very certain that it has nothing to do with chasing other's believes nor society's expectations, but only with your self-confidence. To feel good in your own skin and to radiate this kind of comfort to the outside. A feeling that only comes from within yourself.

You can buy as many products as you want trying to cover the lack of comfort but it will never succeed. This is why I have never been a fan of strong make-up looks that seem to try to compensate uncomfort. I love looking natural. Love looking like me. Without a mask of insecurity. Just be yourself. Beauty through naturality. Cause after all there is only one version of yourself.

And this is why I admire to work with brands like SHISEIDO that embrace natural beauty and that believe beauty isn't only a term of good appearance but an understanding of multifarious variety. Out of this conviction they have created products that won't just paint over but emphasize and embraze your own beauty and naturality. Products that will cling to your individuality, set highlights and will let yourself shine. Let's welcome the new SYNCHRO SKIN SELF-REFRESHING COLLECTION. 

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Pictures shot by Simon Schmidt

Pictures by
Simon Schmidt