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København - Traveling easily with Sheen

February 01, 2017 / Category: Fashion

This post is not exactly a guide about how to travel with one of the most famous series actors but rather more the attempt to tell you a bit more about the perfect companion when you are on the road. And as I arrived in Copenhagen for fashion week yesterday I thought this would be the perfect hook for presenting you (*drum roll*) the SHEEN watch.

In today's time we like things that are easy to handle, self-explanatory and just simplifying life. Don't we? Exactly. And that's where this little friend on the wrist comes into play. Because when you connect it with your smartphone the watch will automatically synchronize the time zone you are staying in. Weeeeell, okay I know - Copenhagen and Hamburg are not particularly 10 hours apart from each other but it's the first time I wished they would be. Never the less this amazing tool avoids annoying time changes back and forth.

Also in times of "gluten free-sugar free-eco friendly-we love our planet so much" there is an other great function called "tough solar" converting sunlight or actually any light into power. Pretty awesome what such a small object can do (fun fact: that's what my mom said about me when I was five, trying to window colour like Picasso. Obviously failing on it). And last but not least my absolute favourite tool: if you have lost your phone - not that this eeeever happened to me, whaaaat? - you can just press a button on the watch and the smartphone sends an alarm so you can play hide and seek. Literally the best invention ever! 

Jacket: Vintage
Jeans jacket: Stella McCartney
Brown jacket: Loewe
Pants: Zara
Bag: J.W. Anderson
Watch: Sheen Bluetooth *Ad
Suitcase: Horizn Studios

Pics by Torne Veltk