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My home is my home

February 07, 2017 / Category: Design

The more I travel the more of a home addicted person I become. It is propably a natural and automatical thing to develop when on the run alot and it would be applicable to me 100 %. I just love coming home which somehow feels like a safety zone. Where you calm down, where you get your distance to the rush and job connected topics. Meaning just being you, in joggers and no one around who cares about your outer apperience. And sometimes that's very important for your inner dude to swing your balls like a big one. So in between the fashion weeks here it is: a little insight of my home for you shot by Lale Gid.

Couch, vases and couch table: Amaris Elements    Flowers: Fleurs de Paris   Paintings: David Stern

Pictures shot for the Snore magazine home story with me which you can read here.