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March 2018 / Category: Fashion

I was recently asked by lingerie brand Marie Jo to talk about how I dared to take the plunge in life since they will have an event in Amsterdam within this topic next week, wherefor they will gather around alot of independant women, alot of everyday heroines. Always having been a huge believer in each other's support, especially when it comes to women in life and business I am looking forward to this alot. To talk about everyone's experiences. 

When it comes to me I have to think of one big moment in my life where I had to grab my balls to realize my aims and personal wishes. So I was running an agency with two colleagues for a bit more than three years when I decided to leave the company to follow my individual dreams, visions and comfort. It might have been a lot easier to have stayed and to continue since everything was going well but I felt that I had to follow my creative path. So I founded my own creative page for fashion and art. Having studied graphic designs, I have always been fond of arty and non mainstream implementations when it came to blogs, websites, Instagram accounts etc. Allthough this was my passion and aesthetic believe I still knew the risks of maybe being too edgy or too arty, not fitting into the common social media world. It was the moment to step up and to follow my believe and maybe to find my own little niche.

And the moral of the story would be that it really pays off. You will profit from standing up for your believes and personal wishes. Because they are you and so they are authentic. Never try to form yourself into something you are not just to please some other's expectations. Never let other people put you out of your comfort zone nor let them try to form you. Sometimes it is really great to step up for yourself. If it is in your job, relationship or other matters. 

Be the best everyday heroine you can be for yourself.