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Marc O'Polo 

July 21, 2017 / Category: Fashion

One brand way too far on the track of today's "wanne-have-lists" is this one: Marc O'Polo.
Everybody knows the brand - like worldwide - but in the last years the brand has been waaaay to little on the display of streetstyles and inspiration pages. I would involve myself when it comes down to having forgotten about walking into their stores on regular basis. Why on earth though? It is the brand - sorry I mean THE brand - for classical designs mixed with a sportive and modern side note and that is actually exactly how I would describe my personal preferences when it comes to fashion. Those pieces are the easiest to combine but still they make an impression on their own. Like this leather shirt for example. The cut is super simple and classic but the material and colour makes it look fresh and modern.
Simplicity still is the key to elegance. 

Bag: Dior     Shoes: Balenciaga     Jeans: JBrand     Sunnies: Zara