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June 10, 2017 / Category: Travel & Events

So as it suddenly appeared that everyone is enjoying life somewhere between awesome ocean spots, white beaches and luxury hotels I thought I should somehow defer to that. For the sake of Instagram, likes and more followers of course. As the south of France was obviously already overloaded I thought about going somewhere else where I indeed can enjoy holidays and relaxation to the fullest: Tunesia. 
After the political commotions the country clearly suffered from the lack of tourism and hasn't really been on the radar of vacation spots since then anymore. But I must tell you the country, places and hotels are totally underrestimated. Landing in Tunis it was a one hour drive to the awesome modern yet welcoming and cozy seeming hotel La Badira. It lies directly at the beach in Hammamed and offers you the perfect possibilities for relaxation by the pool, awesome Instagram pictures #allwhiteeverything and yes they also serve Avocado for breakfast if you ask for it, your daily workout in the gym (well yours not mine, skipped that one for the weekend) and awesome treatments in the spa. That was the moment when a facial treatment gave me deep sleep, waking up suddenly looking like 19 again. 
For recommendations: you can drive into Hammamed's city center with the cab for literally 1-2 Euros, have dinner at Chez Achou for great fresh fish and a 4 couped ice cream afterwards at the ice cream parlor around the corner. Something the Tunesians are amazing in: Ice cream!

Would go back to La Badira any time and am happy to have experienced it for you.
Really with pleasure.
No need to thank me. Seriously, stop you guys!