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Eary christmas

May 11, 2017 / Category: Fashion

Maybe way too late or way too early but happy eary christmas. I found those super earrings by talented J.W. Anderson at Net-A-Porter and suddenly felt like a big human christmas tree. The amazing effect by this inconspicuous jewellery is that it glams up any chilled and easy going outfit immediately. Like those jeans and a grey jumper for example. That's actually something I always try within my looks - to have one piece that breaks it all because it falls out of line a little bit and builds a contrast.
How incredible is that guys? .... Guys?  ... zzzzz....zzzzzzz... 

Jumper: Isabel Marant     Bag: Simon Miller      Jeans: Vetements     Sunnies: Mango     Shoes:  L'oéil

Pics by Lee Maas