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December 13, 2016 / Category: Fashion

I guess while moving forward to the end of the year it naturally is time to draw conclusions. Not intirely sure why people tend to do it all at once after 12 months and not in small portions in between but maybe we need this. A certain day in the year signalizing a point of turn where we are kind of forced to reflect about everything. Because everyone is doing so and because you can smell the question popping out of someone elses mouth: "What are your resolutions for the next year?" Then you start thinking about an amazing answere like 'helping in a children's camp in Uganda' or 'concentrating on my third Pulitzer Prize', slightly having sweaty palms while feeling the pressure.

So, while preparing myself to answer this question this was a year of changes for me indeed. A big one to be honest. Learned a lot about different kind of behaviours, people, growing up, standing up for yourself and the most important thing how glad I am about having the best safety net in the world: my family and friends in Hamburg who I am always able to lean on! They make me who I am, they are by my side unconditionally (well maybe that's due to my awesome Guacamole and the big comfy couch at my home) so I am capable of not taking myself too seriously as well as to slow down in between which is double important for me in this fast moving world and business I am working in. I mean actually my friends don't really give a damn about what I am doing nor are they easily impressed by certain brands or events I could talk about. Because in the end of the day that's not what matters in love and friendship (wooooow how cheasy was that? Ewww. Sorry!).
And it doesn't matter in which country I am while working I can count on them if needed. How I manage not to annoy them massively trying to call them non stop during the day while they are already sleeping in the middle of the nigth? Yes, this is the discret attempt to get an elegant turn to address this beautiful smart phone compatible watch I am wearing here. But actually the global time sync of this Sheen watch is pretty awesome, giving me the actual local time as well as the one from home. Because of the app it's super easy to manage the different time zones for the watch. Nailing practicability. 

So getting back to a résumé: all in all I might not have big resolutions but rather more the ongoing gratitude about those awesome people I've known for so many years now (mum, dad, sister... maybe a little bit longer with you guys) never leaving them out of sight and always appreciating this special kind of truly honest relationships. Gracias mille and a big thank to the academy!

Coat: Les Coyotes de Paris
Tshirt: Wrstbhvr
Jeans: Closed
Boots: Sandro
Watch: SHEEN *Ad
Sunglasses: Escada

Pics by Liberta H.