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International Stripe Day

November 25, 2016 / Category: Fashion

I don't know about you guys but I absolutely think there should be something like a national stripe day. Or make it international. Hiss the flags, shout it from the rooftop and close shools. I mean considering the amount of any senseless "name-the-topic-and-you-get-it"-days the international stripe day is the most legit one if you ask me (and also if you don't ask me). 
Stripes are playful and cool enough to loosen up any stiff business look but stop on the exact point of absurdity not to look like a clown. Unless you have yellow suspenders, a red nose and shoes in the size of 52, which actually would be pretty aaawesome. 
So a big holla to all the stripes and stripers of you out there. Have a happy one. 

Top: Loéil
Jeans: Weekday
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Pics by Torne Velt