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September 10, 2017 / Category: Fashion

When I went to Stockholm Fashion Week last week I especially was looking forward to one of Sweden's best brands: House Of Dagmar. 
Not even because the designs always convince with their simple refinement, showing that Scandinavians know best when it comes to modern minimalism, but also because those three Dagmar sister are too much to handle. Too great to handle. Actually they are those kind of women you want to be friends with but at the same time you wanne shake them for being so perfect. They are extremely beautiful, inside and outside, successful but still being friendly, funny and relaxed... WTF??? How? And where is the edge? Definitely not between the truly perfect interior of Sofia's home where we had a lovely dinner after the show. Every time seeing them it actually truly feels like family! It is one of those rare moments when being on a work trip feels like a little vacation with friends. 

Speeking of this great sense of friendly and warmhearted community, House Of Dagmar's collection was precisely arised from it: The empowerment of female communities which was the main influence for the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. Women of different cultures and generations coming together to protest as a response to the political changes inspired the Dagmar woman this season. The inspiration manifests itself through the universal tradition of braiding as a symbol for strength & female solidarity which is a common thread throughout the collection. 

And for sure you can feel that this thought comes within their true, deep hearted believe.
Thank you again for having me and being so hospitable Karin, Sofia and Kristina! <3
*honestly please at least consider my suggestion of adoption, okay?