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September 04, 2017 / Category: Fashion

Some things stay in style and class forever. That's because they hit people's sense of taste independently from trends and tendencies. They are timeless and that's often because of their simplicity, elegance and refinement in its design. Such as the legendary Cartier Tank watch which celebrates 100 years these days.
It is quite impressive that an accessory can survive popularity for such a long time and also still being count in as a classic. Celebrities such as Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent, Jackie Kennedy und Prinzessin Diana were big fans of the Tank. Comprehensible. Andy Warhol said "I Wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear". All right. I don't want to contradict. It is a classic model with a modern design and for me it is the symbol of class. 

That's why I am so happy to be the first German to publish my personal interpretation of the anniversary campaign.
Happy birthday Cartier. Happy birthday Tank. You will stay in style for ever. 
Okay that was a cheesy one.