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Eternity Calvin Klein

October 21, 2017 / Category: Travel&Event

24 hours in New York. 
You never say no to the city especially not when you get an invite from Calvin Klein to their exclusive and intimate fragrance experience for the launch of the new CK ETERNITY campaign. And even more when you realize that amongst Liya Kebede the campaign's new face is the father of your children - Jake Gyllenhaal. He didn’t knew this little tiny fact until then so it was obviously the perfect timing to make sure he knows where his future is going to.

Jokes aside I must say that this evening was really something special. Not only because of Jake or the beyond amazing Raf Simons who I have admired for his genius as long as he has started designing but because of this great intimate and familiar atmosphere Calvin Klein created. It is rare to find a brand within the big players that still has this real, honest, sympathetic, extremely warm hearted and relaxed attitude which just makes you feel hanging with friends. And that’s the point when your so called job fulfills you.
Speaking of familiar CK didn’t chose any location for this evening but a huge loft where they cosily put together a lounge area slash living room with sofas and chairs (wouldn’t have taken me any much longer to jump into my joggers) followed by a lovely dining area for the small round of 120 people.
4 courses, 5 glasses of wine and numerous conversations later I took my happy little bum back to the hotel and gratefully fell asleep. 

Thank you Calvin Klein for having me! NY really is worth a 24 hours visit if you are surrounded by great people.
Oh and btw the fragrance actually is pretty amazing too. All fans of wooden but sensual and soft ones like me will absolutely love it. It for sure is a fragrance for eternity since 1988.

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