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September 16, 2017 / Category: Fashion

Being a fan of fashion's classics and timeless designs it is not far to be on duty of absolutely adoring the brand Burberry. As long as I can remember this british all time favourite has been representing style, class and timelessness, never losing its popularity. I mean starting from my grandfather's famous trench coat being the absolute classic (the coat not my grandfather. Allthough...) which suddenly went over to my mother (yes this one is totally regardless from gender) and in the end of the day it might have happened that it accidentally slipped into my closet. It is just a brand that really understands its task to create all time classics and lately perfectly having added this certain twist and edge into the designs. The happier I was when the invite to the Burberry show for London Fashion Week came in. 
Thank you again for having me and here we go with my look I wore shot by amazing Christoph Schaller. 

Coat, boots and bag by Burberry.