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Presents for you that I wanne keep for myself

December 05, 2016 / Category: Fashion / Travel&Events

People say the best gifts are the ones you wanne keep for yourself. Never really knew what it felt like. I mean, I always buy nice gifts for my beloved ones  - don't get me wrong - but as they somehow always had pretty concrete wishes or different tastes I never really had this feeling of letting go of something which I'd build up a pretty intense relationship with. Oh for christ sake! DAMN IT!

This is actually all the fault of Bikini Berlin who invited me to do some christmas shopping last week. For you though. Not me. Just to remind you. Again.
And just to sound like a history teacher, giving you some more infos (please just imagine me with very deep-seated glasses and white chalk stains on the jeans now): the world's first concept shopping mall is actually a big must to visit when in Berlin. Build 1957 it offers young designers, artists and new brands a space to present their creations to the public for the first time, therefor making a real business out of it. Big hurray for that! I really appreciate spots where you get inpspired by new brands and to get unique stuff. So finding the perfect christmas gift for you was easy in terms of getting great pieces but hard as in deciding. 

But after a big list of pros and cons and besides my post shopping depression I am super happy about the fact that I am now able to give you a very personal variety of christmas gifts I chose. 100% Lena so to call. Only stuff I would definitely wear night and day. Sooooo... if the winner of it could actually send everything back to me after receiving it... that would be preeeetty cool. 
Just kidding (or am I?).

What I got for you? 
/ an ass kicking Comme des Garçons clutch
/ black statement sunglasses to work on the Kim Kardashian attitude
/ super beautiful earrings nailing the avant garde accessory trend 
/ a crystal glas for romantic winter moments (be happy that my friend Liberta who helped the whole day talked me out of the three squaremeter artwork)
/ a cozy oversized cardigan

All you got to do for getting this whole package of gifts is to send an email to 
GOOOOOOD LUCK YOU GUYS!!! You have time from today until the 11th of December.
So GO GO GO! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (just for the sake of the rime though).

P.S.: Liberta my dearest love, you are excluded from participating. Don't event start typing in this email address right now...

Pics by Jules Esick