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December 19, 2016 / Category: Beauty

I guess everyone has at least one favorite spot in their everyday life where they feel the most comfortable. Where they calm down from the rush and reload. For me that is definitely my sports and members club Aspria in Hamburg. It sounds so trivial because how much can you actually build up a relationship with a bench or a treadmill - I see the point - but it really is true. This is the spot where I take distance from daily business the best. It’s a spot where I can concentrate on myself 100% and regain all the energy. As sport is quite important for me for stress release and because I am a firm believer that a strong body equals a strong mind Aspria helps me getting there a lot. After sports and long ass sauna sessions in their spa area which I am a huuuuge fan of you can put back all the calories you just lost at the club room and restaurant. I mean sure, having a sports club working out at is nothing revolutionary and I wouldn’t bother you with that stuff if I didn’t love the spot because it is so much more. It is a space for actually gladly spending time at. Not only while lifting weights but because it has so much to offer as a space of life quality. If you should visit Hamburg and should be looking for a hotel to stay at, Aspria is the one. Of course it is also a hotel and by the next month it can probably fly or something. An all surround talent where you can find me. A lot.