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Favourite spot for body and soul

August 08, 2017

Everyone needs this one place in daily life to calm down and to recover in between work and daily business. Besides my couch combined with a pair of red joggers for me this is my sports club Aspria. Working out has always been important for me to feel strong, healthy and balanced. But I have experienced gyms too often having the charme of a slaughterhouse or having inspiring anabolic steroids look a likes running around trying to give you awesome advices on your exercises. Thanks I'll pass.

Luckily it has been 2 years now that I didn't only find the perfect gym very close to where I live but also the perfect place to calm down in between, to rest in the spa, go to the sauna and to recover. It really is the whole package for your body and soul and it became a highly important and regular part of my life giving me so much balance in between traveling. I don't write those words down just because we have an awesome cooperation going on here, but because I really admire the Aspria a lot and I would love you to experience it too at some time. It is actually also a hotel so if you should stay in Hamburg go to the one in Uhlenhorst, directly in the city center and enjoy the gym, huge spa and lovely restaurant area. 

Enjoy extra class for your soul and body.
(Should become an ad writer at some point maybe).